Frequently asked questions

1) What services do you offer as a web agency?

WebJetClouds offers a full range of web services, including website design, application development, SEO, content management and more.

2) What is your experience in the industry?

Company president has over 10 years’ experience in web development

3) Can you provide examples of previous similar projects you have carried out?

Of course, you can also view our portfolio on our website to discover a variety of projects and customer success stories.

4) What is the development process you follow to create a website?

Our development process includes in-depth consultation, customized design, development, rigorous testing and deployment.

5) How long does it usually take to create a website?

Timescales depend on the complexity of the project. We are committed to meeting the deadlines agreed with the customer.

6) What are your rates and how do you charge for your services?
Our prices vary according to the specific needs of the project. We offer transparent, personalized quotations, with flexible billing options.
7) How do you ensure the security of the websites you develop?
Safety is our top priority. We use secure coding standards, SSL certificates, and robust practices to protect sites from threats.
8) Do you offer post-launch maintenance services?
Yes, we offer maintenance contracts to ensure that your site remains up-to-date, secure and running optimally after launch.
9) How do you communicate and collaborate with your customers during the development process?
We encourage open and regular communication. Our customers have access to frequent updates and can provide feedback throughout the process.
10) Can you create adaptive, mobile-compatible websites?

Absolutely. All the sites we develop are designed to offer an optimal experience on all devices, including mobiles and tablets.

11) What are your SEO skills and how do you integrate them into your website design?
We have in-depth SEO expertise and integrate optimized practices right from the design stage, to help our customers achieve higher search engine rankings.
12) Do you use specific content management platforms (CMS), and which ones do you recommend?

We work with various CMS depending on the customer’s needs. WordPress and Joomla! are among our current recommendations.

13) How do you approach user experience (UX) design in your projects?

UX is at the heart of our designs. We carry out usability studies to guarantee a fluid and intuitive user experience.

14) What are your web accessibility practices to ensure an inclusive user experience?

We follow WCAG guidelines and implement accessibility practices to make our websites accessible to all users, including those with special needs.

15) How do you deal with browser compatibility issues?

We carry out extensive testing on different browsers to ensure optimum compatibility.

16) Can you integrate e-commerce functionalities into the site?

Yes, we have expertise in developing secure, user-friendly e-commerce sites.

17) What are your web hosting recommendations?

We recommend hosting solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer, taking into account performance, security and scalability.

18) How do you guarantee the confidentiality and security of user data?

We use advanced security practices, regular backups and industry-standard data protection measures.

19) What are the typical timescales for customer revisions and validations during the development process?

We schedule validation points throughout the process to allow customer feedback, ensuring transparent collaboration.

20) Do you offer training or support so that customers can manage their site after it has been created?

Yes, we offer customized training sessions to enable customers to manage and update their site independently. What’s more, our technical support is always available when you need it.

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