Shine is a website offering coaching and training services for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re an auto-entrepreneur, freelancer, craftsman or retailer, you can benefit from’s personalized support to develop your business, manage your accounts and optimize your tax situation. also offers you a neobank tailored to your needs, with a business account, bank card and simplified management tools.

PlanetHoster is a website offering web hosting, domain name and online security services. It offers solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, whether for personal, professional or e-commerce sites. guarantees high performance, reliability and quality technical support.

Assurup is an online platform offering insurance solutions tailored to the needs of professionals. Whether you’re self-employed, a self-employed entrepreneur, a start-up or a company, you can take out and manage your insurance policies in just a few clicks. helps you protect your business and your professional assets.


WPML Translate is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily create multilingual websites. With WPML Translate, you can translate all the elements of your site, including pages, posts, menus, widgets, themes and plugins. You can also manage your site’s different languages from a centralized dashboard. WPML Translate is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins, and offers you a simple and efficient translation experience.

Uber is a website that allows users to book rides with professional drivers. The site offers several transportation options, such as UberX, UberPool, UberBlack or UberEats. also allows users to track their journeys in real time, pay online and give feedback on the service.


WP-Rocket is a WordPress plugin that optimizes the performance of your website. It reduces page load times, improves SEO and increases visitor satisfaction. With WP-Rocket, you benefit from advanced caching, static file compression, page preloading and integration with CDN services. WP-Rocket is easy to install and configure, and compatible with most WordPress themes and extensions.


offers its customers a payment card, a current account, savings and insurance. Sogexia stands out for its simplicity, transparency and security. It allows users to manage their money easily and without hidden charges.