Type of accommodationInitial costResourcesMaintenanceFlexibilityScalabilityThey are suitable for
Shared hostingLow (around €1 to €10/month)SharedManaged by the hostLowLimitedResource-saving websites for beginners
VPS (Virtual Private Server)Moderate (around €5 to €50/month)Virtual dedicationsUser-managedModeratePossible, but can be costlyLarger websites, web applications
Dedicated serverHigh (around €50 to €200/month)Physical dedicationsUser-managedHighEasyHigh-traffic websites, mission-critical applications
Cloud computingVariable (pay-per-use)EvolutionaryManaged by the supplierHighEasyAll types of websites, web applications, projects requiring flexibility
Le Tableau des coûts – Gestion finance

Initial cost:

  • Shared hosting: The cheapest
  • VPS: More expensive than shared hosting, but cheaper than a dedicated server
  • Dedicated server: The most expensive
  • Cloud computing: Variable, depending on use


  • Shared hosting: Shared with other users
  • VPS: Virtually dedicated
  • Dedicated server: physically dedicated
  • Cloud computing: Evolving


  • Shared hosting: Managed by the hosting provider
  • VPS: User-managed
  • Dedicated server: User-managed
  • Cloud computing: Managed by the supplier


  • Shared hosting: Low
  • VPS: Moderate
  • Dedicated server: High
  • Cloud computing: High


  • Shared hosting: Limited
  • VPS: Possible, but can be expensive
  • Dedicated server: Easy
  • Cloud computing: Easy

Suitable for:

  • Shared hosting: Resource-saving websites for beginners
  • VPS: Larger websites, web applications
  • Dedicated server: High-traffic websites, mission-critical applications
  • Cloud computing: All types of websites, web applications, projects requiring flexibility

Remarks :

  • Prices shown are estimates and may vary according to supplier and options chosen.
  • This table is a simplification and does not take into account all possible factors.
  • It’s important to compare offers from several suppliers before making a choice.


Choosing the most economical type of accommodation depends on your specific needs. If you’re on a tight budget and only need limited resources, shared hosting is a good option. If you need more resources and flexibility, a VPS or dedicated server may be a better solution. Cloud computing is a flexible, scalable option that can be attractive for projects with constantly changing needs.

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